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Drain Services Dublin

Our professional drain services for Dublin and surrounds can quickly and efficiently curb your blockage problem, and restore normality to your water disposal before it can cause additional, unnecessary damage.

In many cases, home owners and business managers try to handle drain blockages by themselves, thinking that it can’t be too hard to resolve. What they often fail to realise, however, is that, if not contained, the spillage can spread and start affecting other areas of the premises.

On the one hand it can cause physical damage to carpets and wooden flooring, as well as any tools and equipment it comes into contact with. On the other hand, however, there is a potential health risk involved – not only for the one working on the blocked drain, but for anyone exposed to the bacteria and fungi that are released from the drainage system in the process.

Another factor often overlooked is the effect that it has on businesses. On the one hand it can mean lost man-hours if one or more of your employees have to try and dislodge whatever is blocking the pipe, but on the other hand it could have a negative impact on your clients – especially of the blockage is a smelly affair, and you are operating a restaurant or any food, health or aesthetics related business.

Professional Drain Services in Dublin Area

As such, it is imperative that blocked drains be dealt with as quickly and efficiently by professional drain services. Dublin Plumbing Services have experienced engineers standing by twenty four hours per day, on every day of the week.

However, our drain cleaning staff will not only clear up the blockage, but also establish the cause. In most cases it is possible to address the cause, and prevent the hassle and disruption of potential future overflows – not to mention the unnecessary costs incurred.

By eliminating the root cause of the problem, your drain will keep going for a much longer period without clogging up again, and may possibly never clog up again.

Just call in to any of the local telephone numbers supplied above (or the 24/7 emergency number), and we will send someone out within the hour to take care of your drain problem.