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Boiler Services Dublin

We offer professional gas- and oil boiler services in Dublin – regardless of whether it is for routine maintenance service, power flushing, emergency repairs, upgrades or new installations – for domestic and commercial applications.

Manufacturers of both oil- and gas boiler systems all agree that it is essential to have your unit serviced at least once every year. Take into consideration that, over a period of one year, your water warming unit will be doing a lot of work, heating up a lot of water.

Reduce Boiler Heating Bills through Efficient Heating Controls

By having decent heating controls in various locations in the home or workplace, and using them intelligently and efficiently, it is possible to reduce heating costs by as much as 20%. As such, it makes sense to install (or upgrade your old, less efficient) heating controls to allow you the best possible control.

Booking a Service for your Boiler

Dublin Plumbing Services prides itself on making things as easy as possible for clients to access any service, or obtain professional advice (offered freely when you call in on one of the local telephone numbers listed above). In the event that it is impossible to establish the cause of the problem, we can dispatch a qualified boiler technician to your premises within the hour – to diagnose the problem, and repair if you so choose.

In most cases – more than 90%, in fact – our technicians are able to correct the problem upon their first visit, making it unlikely that you will require to arrange for a follow-up. Besides the savings it brings about, it is also more convenient to you in terms of your own time management.

Establishing Boiler Repair Costs

There are some people who try to guess what their final repair bill will be simply by talking to you over the phone. In reality, however, it is impossible to offer a final quote before the actual boiler unit has been physically inspected. In some cases there might be additional damage, while in other cases the problem might actually be something smaller (and cheaper) than originally anticipated.

At Dublin Plumbing Services, we do not believe in applying “hidden” charges to inflate the bill. Since there are no call-out charges, it won’t cost you anything to obtain a written quote on the cost of your boiler service in Dublin. Whether you choose to accept or reject the quote is totally up to you, and there are no hidden charges should you choose not to accept it.

Lastly, keep in mind that all of our boiler repair engineers are well qualified, experienced and fully insured. Additionally, it is company policy to cause the absolute minimum disruption, and clean up any possible mess before the team leaves your premises.